Animal Crossing Jeremiah the Frog PolyJet 3D Printed Full-color Resin Statue


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The Jeremiah frog is built using PolyJet technology, which can create a colorful print directly without painting. PolyJet offers the unique ability to print parts and assemblies made of multiple materials, colors/transparency, hardness with different mechanical or physical properties, all in a single build.


We have two options: one is a solid model, and the other one is a 3D model in [.OBJ + .3MF + .PNG] format.
If you purchased the 3D model, we will send it via email.


For those who want the solid statue, we have ColorJet (CJP) and PolyJet (PJ) 3D printing technologies.
CJP Sandstone Statue: Cheap. Has vibrant but a little bit darker colors and a coarse surface. There are layer lines if you watch closely.
PJ Resin Statue: The frog statue in the sample photo. High price. The surface is still granular but much fine and smooth.


  • The default dimension with base: 80*43.5*40 mm.
  • The default dimension without base: 69*43.5*35.5 mm.

If you want to print a smaller or bigger one, please message us for the quote.


Matte or Glossy.


The pattern on the bottom of the base is our company name and logo.
You can customize it with other patterns, which will cost an extra design fee.


For other Animal Crossing villagers, we also offer 3D modeling and printing service.
The modeling fee for the full-color Jeremiah model in [.OBJ + .3MF + .PNG] format costs about $70 as it has simple patterns.

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