Cute Keycap Puller for Mechanical Keyboard – Cat Paw / Magic Fairy Wand / Cartoon Bone


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Short Description

These cute keycap pullers are the best match for your keyboard!


The keycap pullers are hollowed and lightweight. The cat paw part is not silicone rubber as our cat paw keycap, but ABS.
The keycap pullers are not 100% perfect but would have some very tiny painting flaws.


For those who like our cat paw keycaps, you can’t miss the cat paw puller.
No girl could reject the fairy wand which gives them magic power.
If you have a dog, be careful – your dog may bite the bone puller as it looks so real!


  • Cat Paw: 157 × 37 mm
  • Magic Fairy Wand: 169 × 102 mm
  • Cartoon Bone: 168 × 29 mm

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Cat Paw, Magic Fairy Wand, Cartoon Bone




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