Death Stranding Chiral Crystal Desktop Decoration / Phone Stand / Game Console Stand


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Death stranding fan art.

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A chiral crystal is a solid golden material arranged in a repeating pattern. These crystals are native to the other side and can be found in timefall-touched areas.
In this world, we cannot synthesize them to make highways, power equipment, or floating carriers.
But we found new functions for them, such as phone stand and game console stand. It’s also a nice desktop decoration with incredible details:)


  • Base: 77 × 77 × 13 mm
  • Chiral Crystal: 100 × 80 × 85 mm


Finished Product

  • It has a metallic golden coating, hand-painted by us.
  • We firstly apply black prime paint and then brush with metallic paint.

Garage Kit

  • The white poly stone garage kit is for advanced players.
  • You can remove the release agent on the surface by soaking the garage kit into the water with a few drops of the dishwasher for 12 hours.
  • Then the paint can attach strongly to the surface. Just show your skills for painting!


The Chiral Crystal Stand can only hold things that weigh less than 230g.

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Finished Product, Garage Kit


Poly Stone


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