EC2 Nylon Mouse Base for G305/G304 Internals


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EC2 Base for G305/G304 Internals: DIY 3D Printed Nylon Mouse Mods Kits



  • This item ONLY INCLUDES 3D Printed parts, no PCB or 3D design is available for sale.
  • We are the official manufacturer of PMM Mouse Mods (


3D-printed bottom plate to fit the G305 PCB into the EC2-A white / EC2-B shell

  • Reversible into fully functioning EC2 / G305 (soldering req.)
  • Weight: ~89-90g with my FDM print
    • 89-90g includes big EC2 Hyperglides (almost 2g)
    • 3g less with the option battery lightweight mod at the end
  • Mainbuttons: Omron D2FC-F-7N (soldered out of the G305)
  • Sidebuttons: Omron D2FC-F-7N (soldered out of the G305)
  • 400mAh Battery ~ 100h
  • Front Micro USB Port for charging
  • 13mm encoder & soldering the middle click switch higher required
  • Download installing manual for the EC2 Base here:
  • For assembly questions, please send the inquiry to []!

Terms and Policy

By purchasing this product you agree to the following terms:

  • All purchased 3D printed parts are exclusively reserved for private and personal use.
  • We don’t provide 3D models, only 3D printed parts.
  • Once the order is placed and manufactured, we DON’T ACCEPT ANY REFUND REQUEST!!!

If the item is broken, please request a free remake by providing solid proof of broken parts within 3 days after delivery!!!


It’s a high-quality 3D printed Logitech lightweight mouse cover, honeycomb structure ensures mechanical strength while reducing the weight.

Material Option

As a professional 3D printing provider, we have over 50 material options, the recommended materials for this mouse cover are listed below with a 5-score rating.
The Nylon cases may weigh 23g. For people whose hands are always sweaty, we strongly recommend Nylon cases.

  • Nylon (White) – ♥Highly recommended♥
    SLS nylon with excellent flexibility, durability, and impact resistance. The surface is matte and porous, not as smooth as resin.[Smooth-4, Durability-5, Toughness-5, Rigidity-3]
  • Nylon (Black) – ♥Highly recommended♥
    HP MultiJet Fusion nylon with excellent flexibility, durability, and impact resistance, it’s also more smooth than white nylon.[Smooth-4, Durability-5, Toughness-5, Rigidity-3]

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Black Nylon, White Nylon


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