Enhanced Mouse Scrolling Wheel for G305 G304 G102 GPRO


Short Description

More comfortable enhanced mouse scroll wheel for Logitech G305/G Pro/G102


This mouse wheel is much more comfortable than the original ones, the grip is more smooth, you can even tell from the picture!


Outer diameter: 25.6mm approx.

Thickness: 7.1mm approx.


Q: Is this scroll wheel easier or harder to actuate, or is it about the same as the original wheel?

A: The mouse scrolling actuation mainly depends on the scrolling wheel encoder, not the wheel itself, this wheel only gives you a better touch, it doesn’t change the actuation, if you want to change the actuation, you need to change the wheel encoder.

Q: Does that apply to the wheel click as well or just the scrolling?

A: Just scrolling, the wheel click is controlled by the wheel click microswitch, which almost has no alternatives.

Additional information


Light Grey, Black-Old, Black-New, Magenta, Light Green


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