G Pro X Superlight Hot-swappable Mouse PCB Board For Logitech GPXS Micro Switch


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Hot-swappable G Pro X Superlight PCB board, replace or upgrade your microswitches without soldering.

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This hot-swap PCB is only for G Pro X Superlight, NOT FOR G Pro Wireless. Please go to the G Pro Wireless Hot-swap PCB if you want.

♦ 2024 New Design Available – TTC Dustproof  Gold Wheel Encoder

The latest dustproof gold wheel encoder can last longer time compared to normal wheel encoders for the dust-proof mechanism.

Upgraded Gold plated version

All wires inside and plugs are gold plated.

Hot-plug supported, you can customize the micro switches as you like on left and right buttons, and easily change them after the old micro switches wear out or malfunction. Just pull out the old ones and press the new ones in.

  • The item has no micro switches on PCB board by default. You can select micro switches with extra $2 in the Installed Microswitch dropdown.
  • Some microswitches have larger pins (like Cherry DG4), you might need to sand the pins a bit.
  • Installation video guide:
  • There are 2 types of hot-swap sockets: eyelet rivet and mill-max, there’s no difference in function and feeling, just a bit difference in appearance. We ship either of both types to you randomly. See video of comparison:

Additional information

Wheel Encoder Upgrade

TTC Gold Wheel, TTC Silver Wheel, Gold Plated version with TTC Gold Wheel, Gold Plated version with TTC Silver Wheel, Gold Plated with TTC Dustproof Gold Wheel

Installed Microswitch

None, Omron D2F-F-3-7, Omron D2FC-F-K(50M), Omron D2FC-F-K-RZ, Kailh GM 2.0 (Teal), Kailh GM 4.0 (Red), Kailh GM 8.0 (Black), Kailh Silent, TTC Gold 30M, TTC Gold 60M, TTC Gold 80M, Cherry DG2, Cherry DG4, Cherry DG6, Blue Shell Blue Dot, Blue Shell Pink Dot

1 review for G Pro X Superlight Hot-swappable Mouse PCB Board For Logitech GPXS Micro Switch

  1. lightseelight (verified owner)

    Seller Experience:
    FacFox stands out as one of the best sellers I’ve encountered. My initial order of a PCB for the G Pro Wireless Superlight arrived after about two weeks. After the Superlight with the PCB for half a year, I started facing an issue with dust affecting the TTC Gold encoder. This is a known problem reported by users of the Pulsar X2 mouse (which also uses the TTC Gold encoder), leading to jump or reverse scrolling in dusty environments. Upon contacting FacFox, they promptly offered to replace the PCB. Their responsiveness and commitment to customer satisfaction were truly impressive.

    Choosing a Reliable Encoder:
    Knowing that replacing the PCB with the same non-dust-proof TTC Gold Encoder would likely lead to recurring issues, I requested FacFox to use the Kailh Red Encoder instead. This encoder, although not listed as an option on the FacFox website, offers a sealed design, making it dustproof and enhancing the encoder’s reliability and lifespan. FacFox agreed, and my replacement PCB arrived with the Kailh Red Encoder.

    Encoder Comparison and Adjustment:
    Transitioning from TTC Gold or White to the Kailh Red Encoder may require some adjustment. The Kailh Red Encoder offers smoother scrolling with lighter actuation, lacking the strong tactile feedback of TTCs. However, it strikes a balance between smoothness and tactility, providing a pleasant scrolling experience once you adapt to it.

    Assembly Insights:
    Disassembling the G Pro Wireless Superlight is straightforward for those familiar with computer assembly. However, some caution is needed with tight battery cables and delicate ribbon cables when opening the mouse. Replacing the PCB involves pulling down and unlocking a ribbon cable latch on the PCB where the mouse micro switches and encoders are located and swapping in the replacement hot-swappable PCB. Additionally, removing the powerplay cables and magnets can reduce the weight to create a 56-58G Superlight. During the process, be cautious of Logitech’s metal spring used to stabilize the scroll wheel. Reattaching this spring after installing the new hot-swappable PCB can be an absolute pain, requiring patience and precision. Make sure you have double-sided tape prepared for taping the battery back to its original spot when reassembling. You also want to have a good set of replacement PTFE mouse Skates ready as the original terrible mouse that came with the Superlight will be destroyed in the disassembly process. I recommend BT.L Skates from Lethal Gaming Gear.

    Recommended Switches:
    Through various trials, I found several switches that work well with the G Pro Wireless Superlight:
    – Huano Blue Shell Pink Dot (FacFox Sells!)
    – Huano Transparent Blue Shell Pink Dot
    – TTC Gold Micro Switch – 80 million Dustproof (FacFox Sells!)
    – TTC Gold Micro Switch – 30 million Dustproof (FacFox Sells!)

    Personal Preferences:
    My preferred switch is the Huano Blue Shell Pink Dot, offering a light yet precise click with a satisfyingly “thocky” sound. It has very minimal pre and post-travel making it very “spammable” in FPS titles. The TTC Gold switch delivers a slightly more “clacky” feel, offering the perfect amount of snappiness. Furthermore, replacing the original Omron switches with either Huano or TTC Micro Switches resolved the annoying double-clicking issue I previously encountered.

    In conclusion, upgrading your Superlight with this PCB stands as the ultimate solution. Not only is it the most cost-effective option compared to spending upwards of $50 to $70 (excluding shipping) for a professional switch and encoder replacement, but it also offers a gateway to near-perfection in your Superlight experience. The improved clicks and scrolling are truly game-changing. Moreover, FacFox has not just met but exceeded my expectations, earning my trust wholeheartedly. Their proactive approach to ensuring customer satisfaction is a rarity in today’s marketplace. Rest assured; this seller deserves your confidence as much as it has earned mine.

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