Handmade Spinning Top Artisan Resin Keycap – Creative Keycaps with Multiple Color Combinations


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Short Description

Key cap and fidget spinner fusion


Nope. Your eyes do not deceive you. You can’t consider yourself a true fidgeter unless all aspects of your workstation are fidgetable.
We understand this better than almost anyone. So we went ahead and made an artisan keycap with a spinnable top-shaped just like the spinners you see on the streets.
While we can’t promise you it will help you focus, we can promise it will make your keyboard funnier.

Height: 15 mm
All keycaps are suitable for MX cross-shaft mechanical keyboards.

Note: All keyboard shafts and caps are subject to tolerances and may be fitted slightly looser or tighter.

Additional information


Black, Blue + Red, Double Green Clear, Double Pink, Double Teal Clear, Green + Purple, Grey, Purple + pink clear, Red + green clear, Red + green spot, Red + Dark Blue, Black Spot + Yellow, Yellow


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