Logitech G305 Ultralight Weight Reduction Top Cover


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Short Description


A high-quality 3D printed Logitech lightweight mouse cover, honeycomb structure ensures mechanical strength while reducing the weight.

Weight Reduction

Around 5-7g, with the ultralight bottom cover, it can reduce weight up to 20g.

Bundle Description

USB Charge Kit (Top cover + Bottom Cover)

  • 1x – Hexagon Hollowed battery case with charge hole
  • 1x – Hexagon Hollowed bottom case
  • 1x – AA USB chargeable battery
  • 1x – USB magnet charging cable
  • 1x – 4pcs 3M Round Mouse Feet (Color: White/Black, matching cover color)


  • 1x – Hexagon hollowed battery case
  • 1x – Battery converter (AAA to AA, you can use lighter AAA battery with this converter)
  • 1x – AAA 1.5V USB chargeable batteries(1000mWh, 7grams)
  • 1x – Manual cut mouse lizard skin grips (Multiple Color Selection)
  • 1x – G305 Mouse Pad (Color: White. Better than the original black pad)

Shape Type Description

Type A

Hexagon hollowed battery case

Type B

Voronoi hollowed battery case

Type C

Hexagon Hollowed battery case with a battery charging hole

Material Option

As a professional 3D printing provider, we have over 50 material options, the recommended materials for this mouse cover is listed below with a 5-score rating.

For people whose hands are always sweaty, we strongly recommend Black Nylon.

Nylon (Black)

HP MultiJet Fusion nylon with excellent flexibility, durability, and impact resistance, it’s also more smooth than white nylon.

[Smooth-4, Durability-5, Toughness-5, Rigidity-3]

Nylon (White)

SLS nylon with excellent flexibility, durability, and impact resistance. The surface is matte and porous, not as smooth as resin.

[Smooth-4, Durability-5, Toughness-5, Rigidity-3]

MUST SEE the instruction video before installation! The foam block is a vital part to keep the back cover in position tightly, DO NOT throw it away!

Full Instruction Video:

Battery Case Weight: 3-5g

Compatible Mouse: Logitech G305

Additional information

Kit Version

Single Case, Geek Kit, USB Charge Kit

Shape & Color

Type A – Black Nylon, Type A – White Nylon, Type A – White Resin, Type A – Black Resin, Type A – Red Resin, Type A – Blue Resin, Type A – Yellow Resin, Type A – Pink Resin, Type A – Purple Resin, Type A – Light Cyan Resin, Type B – Black Nylon, Type B – White Nylon, Type C – Black Nylon, Type C – White Nylon


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