Mini Macintosh 128k Backlit Keycap for Cherry MX Switch

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The keycap is inspired by Macintosh and is a tribute to Steve Jobs.
It has 5 replaceable classical startup screens.

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One set is composed of two keycaps: the computer for the Esc key or Tilde key, the mini keyboard and a cap for the Tab key.
Also, we offer 5 cards of classical startup screens. But please NOTICE that the cards may not be the same as the example photos!

The computer has a magnetic panel, you can easily open it and change the screen card.
The cards are translucent so it’s suitable for backlit keyboards.
Every time you press it, there would be a startup effect.

The mini keyboard is not transparent.
The mini keyboard is magnetically connected with the Tab keycap.

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Beige, Black, White


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