Mjolnir Fidget Marvel Avengers Thor’s Hammer – Toy Keychain Spinning Top – Gift [Long/Short Handle | Gold/Silver/Bronze/Iron]


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Want to wield your Mjölnir hammer as Thor did in Marvel comics and movies? Here’s one you shall never miss!

In Marvel continuity, Mjolnir is forged by Dwarven blacksmiths, and is composed of the fictional Asgardian metal “Uru”. The side of the hammer carries the inscription “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

Our Mjölnir not only acts as a keychain, but also a spinning top, and a fidget after transformation! This cool novelty fidget would make an awesome gift for a Superhero and EDC fan. It’s stylish, lightweight, and extremely eye-catching while spinning it on the table or at your fingertips!

【Version 1】
V1 has a shorter handle and a slightly different handle design.

Available in 3 spectacular colors:
♥ Bronze
♥ Silver
♥ Gold

【Version 2】
The upgraded version has a longer handle and more exquisite engraving.

Available in 4 colors:
♥ Gold
♥ Silver
♥ Iron
♥ Rosegold

All hammers are manufactured in zinc alloy, the surface is electroplated in various colors. They are NOT real gold/silver/bronze/steel!

The item is a fan-made gadget and has nothing to do with the MARVEL comic brands.

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V1 – Iron, V1 – Gold, V1 – Bronze, V2 – Iron, V2 – Silver, V2 – Gold, V2 – Rosegold


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