OEM height profile keycaps Handmade wooden keycaps


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Hand-made wooden key caps

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Material: American black walnut
Craft: Handmade

Each keycap is handmade, and because each piece of wood has a different texture and color, each keycap has a slightly different texture&color;
Keycaps are OEM height profile;
The keycaps have no characters and are opaque to light.

All keyboard caps are suitable for Cherry switch/MX switch mechanical keyboards.

Note: All keyboard shafts and caps are subject to tolerances and may be fitted slightly looser or tighter.

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R1 (one keycap), R2 (one keycap), R3 (one keycap), R4 (one keycap), AWSD (4 keycaps), Arrow key(4 keycaps), [2x] Backspace, [2.25x] Enter, [6.25x] Space, [1.25x] CTRL/ALT/FN, [1.5x] CTRL/ALT/FN, [1.5x]TAB/\, [1.75x] CAPS, [2.25x] Left SHIFT, [2.75x] Right SHIFT, [2x] NumberPad ENTER, [2x] NumberPad 0, [2x] NumberPad +


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