PMM P-CBR 8K Original Design Ultralight Mouse Mod Kit 8K Rolling Zaunkoenig M2K


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FACFOX is the official contract manufacturer of PMM Mouse mods. This item only includes 3D printed parts, no 3D design files are included or available for sale!

Notice: Please be aware that the Mod Kit doesn’t include the Zaunkoenig M2K internals or the M2K feet.


Tools needed: Torx T5 / T4 screwdriver/bit

Get the PCB here:

Get the M2K feet here:

Mod Kit

  • 1*full set of 3D printed nylon shell (2PCS)




Terms and Policy

By purchasing this product you agree to the following terms:

  • All purchased 3D-printed parts are exclusively reserved for private and personal use.
  • We don’t provide 3D models, only 3D printed parts.
  • Once the order is placed and manufactured, we DON’T ACCEPT ANY REFUND REQUEST!!!

If the item is broken, please request a free remake by providing solid proof of broken parts within 3 days after delivery!!!


It’s a high-quality 3D printed Logitech lightweight mouse cover, honeycomb structure ensures mechanical strength while reducing the weight.

Material Option

As a professional 3D printing provider, we have over 50 material options, the recommended materials for this mouse cover are listed below with a 5-score rating.
The Nylon cases may weigh 23g. For people whose hands are always sweaty, we strongly recommend Nylon cases.

  • Black Nylon – Highly recommended
    HP MultiJet Fusion nylon with excellent flexibility, durability, and impact resistance, it’s also more smooth than white nylon.[Smooth-4, Durability-5, Toughness-5, Rigidity-3]
  • White Nylon – Not recommended
    SLS nylon with excellent flexibility, durability, and impact resistance. The surface is matte and porous, not as smooth as resin.[Smooth-4, Durability-5, Toughness-5, Rigidity-3]


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