RollingSloth RS-B V2 DIY Mouse Mod 3D Printed Kit (G305 PCB to Kone Pure Ultra Shape)


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Short Description

RS-B is Roccat Kone pure(owleye/ultra) based custom mouse shell, prepare a G305 internal and swap it to Roccat Kone pure!



FACFOX is the official contract manufacturer of RollingSloth Designed Mouse mods. This item only includes 3D printed parts, no 3D design files are included or available for sale!

RS-B is Roccat Kone pure(owleye/ultra) based custom shell mouse, weights 60g (Sorbo 400mah rechargeable AAA battery / Tiger mouse feet arc 1)

*Weight will vary depending on the battery, feet or 3D printing condition

The followings are required for the mouse:

  • G305 (G304) Mouse Internal / PCB / Screws
  • AAA battery
  • Grease, Sandpaper (Optional)
  • 4 Disc Magnets : 4mm(d)x3mm(T)
  • Super Glue

There are two side button options – one is a normal option with a general level of protrusion, and you may choose a slim option with a low degree of protrusion of the button.

Kit Version Comparison

  • Case Only

    • 3D printed shells
    • 5x round mousepads
    • 4x Disc Magnets : 4mm(d)x3mm(T)
  • Battery Pack

    • 3D printed shells
    • 1x AAA 1.5V USB rechargeable battery (7 grams, 666mAh)
    • 5x round mousepads
    • 1x Magnet USB charging cable
    • 4x Disc Magnets : 4mm(d)x3mm(T)

Tryout version to test the shell/grip before making a purchase decision:

It is recommended to print and test the tryout version shell before purchasing.


Assembly Instruction / Test Video

It is recommended to decide the purchase after watching the video.

Terms and Policy

By purchasing this product you agree to the following terms:

  • All purchased 3D printed parts are exclusively reserved for private and personal use.
  • We don’t provide 3D models, only 3D printed parts.
  • Once the order is placed and manufactured, we DON’T ACCEPT ANY REFUND REQUEST!!!

If the item is broken, please request a free remake by providing solid proof of broken parts within 3 days after delivery!!!

Material Option

As a professional 3D printing provider, we have over 50 material options, the recommended materials for this mouse cover are listed below with a 5-score rating.
The Nylon cases may weigh 23g. For people whose hands are always sweaty, we strongly recommend Nylon cases.

  • Black Nylon – Highly recommended
    HP MultiJet Fusion nylon with excellent flexibility, durability, and impact resistance, it’s also more smooth than white nylon.[Smooth-4, Durability-5, Toughness-5, Rigidity-3]
  • White Nylon– Not recommended
    SLS nylon with excellent flexibility, durability, and impact resistance. The surface is matte and porous, not as smooth as resin.[Smooth-4, Durability-5, Toughness-5, Rigidity-3]

Additional information

Kit Version

Case Only, Battery Pack


Nylon (Black)


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