Scroll Wheel Encoder for Gaming Mouse – TTC/Kailh/ALPS


Short Description

Gaming mouse wheel encoder, change the feeling of your scroll wheel.


A gaming mouse wheel encoder is a component that controls the scrolling and rotation of the mouse wheel. It affects the feel and feedback of the scroll wheel, which can be important for gaming performance and comfort.

Different brands and models of encoders may have different characteristics, such as smoothness, tactility, durability, and noise. Some popular encoders for gaming mice are TTC, Kailh, and ALPS. These encoders are compatible with most gaming mice and can be replaced or customized by users.


  • TTC Red Wheel: Low scrolling force, 5 million Lifespan, accurate
  • TTC Green Wheel: Medium scrolling force, 5 million Lifespan, accurate
  • TTC Gold Wheel: Medium scrolling force, 50 million Lifespan, accurate
  • Kailh Red Wheel: Medium scrolling force, 50 million Lifespan, smooth


Here is a quick comparison between the encoders:

Scrolling smoothness

Kailh (smoothest) > TTC Gold > Japanese ALPS > TTC Office (most defined)

Force required for scrolling

Japanese ALPS (heaviest) > TTC Office > TTC Gold > Kailh (lightest)

If you prefer a heavier scroll with well-defined steps, we recommend the Japanese ALPS or the TTC Office.

For the lightest and smoothest scroll, we recommend a Kailh red encoder.

For something in between the two, not too heavy and not too light, we would recommend the TTC Gold.

Measuring your Encoder Height

To measure the height of your scroll wheel encoder, you need to take a measurement (in mm) from the base of the mounting plate to the center of the encoder wheel holder.

Some encoders will have a small number engraved somewhere on the front plate. For example, an engraved “9” means that the encoder mounting height is 9mm.

What size is the encoder of your mice? Check this guide:

Additional information


TTC Gold, TTC Red, TTC Green, TTC Blue, Kailh Red, Kailh Black, ALPS

Encoder height

5mm, 5.5mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 12.6mm, 13mm, 14mm


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